Aadesh Panajabi

Aadesh Panjabi

Aadesh comes from an Army background where discipline is a core principle. He firmly believes that discipline coupled with dedication and followed with exuberance can take you a long way in your career. His ability to perform efficiently in the most challenging circumstances is a result of his positive and optimistic outlook on life.

Aadesh is a graduate of the Army Institute of Law, Mohali, and has completed his LLM in Criminal Law from the Army Institute of Mohali in 2022. He has a keen interest in criminal law, as well as constitutional law and he keeps himself up to date with the latest law updates and judgements of the courts. He strives to achieve excellence in the field of law by dedicating himself to the profession with constant reading and discussions on emerging and prominent law subjects. He derived his interest in the field of criminal law in his second year itself as, during his law career, he participated in a plethora of moot court competitions as well as client counselling competitions on criminal law. He has pursued various internships in order to stay up to date with the practical aspect of the subject in pursuit of his dream to serve society with his legal acumen.

Aadesh challenges himself from time to time by indulging in strenuous activities like running long marathons or going on long solo treks from time to time. He plays tennis regularly, reads books during his leisure time, and incorporates his learnings from the same in his work and personality. He makes a good impression on the people he interacts with or comes across in his life with the help of his confident and delightful personality. Aadesh has recently joined the legal profession, and his eagerness and desire to accomplish his goals with sheer indefatigability make him a valuable asset to The Law Codes.

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