Our legacy spans over decades and is the foundation for our unwavering commitment to the constant pursuit of absolute excellence. The Firm’s foundation is built on an idea of success that derives from the efforts of all the team members through the hard work and excellence of our past and present associates & employees. They have worked very hard to establish The Law Codes as a reputable Firm on a national scale. Therefore, our team has always been at the core of our identity and mission.

Due to our extensive experience, we are among the leaders in full-service Law Firms. This not only results in an exciting and empowering experience for our employees but also exposes them to a variety of options offered by our clients, allowing them to advance their prospects by delivering desired results to the clients.


We strengthen our shared belief in the growth of everyone within the organisation by keeping one's commitment to the ethics and ideals of the Firm. We help our team to boost their confidence by constantly guiding them under all the circumstances. Our clients feel confident and secure with high levels of trust due to the hard work we pour into all the assigned cases and matters.

Our associates and team members have the highest respect for stalwarts like Mr Nani Palkiwala, who believed in the theory of 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to achieve excellence in any field. Prof Ericsson propounded this rule at Berlin's Elite Academy of Music. Although the court's working hours are engaging from 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM, and client meetings are scheduled from 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM ordinarily, our associates are committed to spending between 14 to 16 hours daily for professional commitments and self-studies.

Our expectation from all the team members, including the new joiners, is to align with the Firm’s value system and take it to the highest level.


Our Practise Areas allow us to maximise our domain of expertise while enabling our clients’ intricate and complex matters to be handled best. With a thorough insight into our client’s matters and complex issues, we advise them with all the available options and solutions to the most challenging issues. Every employee at the Firm has a profound devotion to preserving and advancing our principles and values. The Firm’s motto encourages our associates to put in their best efforts and establish strong relationships with their co-workers to advance their success and that of the Firm by delivering outstanding results to the clients.

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