Ms. Aaffreen as a child was curious to observe and learn different facets of human behavior. As she grew up, her interest in the science stream got developed and she opted and completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After graduation, she decided to pursue Masters in Science with Psychology as a major from Amity University, Gurgaon.

Immediately after completing her master’s, Ms. Aaffreen started her career as a Clinical Psychologist, at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali, and worked there for 2 years. Meanwhile, she mastered the skill of Hypnotherapy being a clinical practitioner. Thereafter she moved to Delhi and worked with an NGO CanKids KidsCan that deals with cancer patients (juveniles) and worked as a part of Multi-Disciplinary Teams at IRCH, AIIMS, Kalawati Children Hospital, New Delhi. As an academic enthusiast, Aaffreen completed various courses out of which she liked ‘The Science of Healing with Sound’ the most.

Ms. Aaffreen is an established expert in the field of Psychology with experience spanning over 5 years wherein she has dealt with clients of all age groups (Juveniles, adults, and geriatrics). As an Oncopsychologist, her career graph reached another height. With such diversity and exposure, she decided to add another discipline of legal psychology to her credit. Legal psychology is a discipline that applies the psychological insights of human behavior to matters regarding the law. She is ranked among the best psychologists in Chandigarh & Delhi NCR with an illustrious career and distinguished skillset.

In these evolving times, a number of complex and sensitive issues have arisen in the legal sphere, that not only require legal acumen but also, need the services of a specialized professional who understands the psychological well-being of the clients. This domain specialty has not been addressed and applied by most of the Law Firms or Law Offices in the Indian scenario. We, at The Law Codes, realized the importance of the clients’ mental health as one of the major factors in the litigation process, as the court process can be challenging at times.

The overall well-being of our clients is mutually beneficial to The Firm and clients, as it ensures effective coordination, that indeed strengthens the attorney-client relationship. This approach has fetched tremendous results and has given the Firm a clear edge over its contemporaries. Team – The Law Codes, adapting to the times, is determined to make the litigation process stress-free and hassle-free for our clients.

Aaffreen is among the Best Psychologists in Chandigarh & Delhi NCR and is part of the core team at The Law Codes. She conducts counseling sessions for our clients and plays a pivotal role in our In-Chambers Mediation Services. Being trusted as the best psychologist, her primary responsibility is to evaluate and assess individuals/clients’ behavior and take sessions offering general counseling, or couple therapy in matrimonial disputes. She has also designed special programs for juvenile counseling for effective discussions with minors as a leading legal psychologist in Chandigarh & Delhi NCR.

She also conducts various therapeutic sessions like Expressive Art Therapy Session, Music Therapy Session, Color Therapy Sessions & deals in Holistic healing and Positive Psychology. Being a Legal psychologist she takes basic social and cognitive theories and principles and applies them to issues in the legal system such as eyewitness memory, criminal and civil testimonies of witnesses, and client interviewing. Her contribution in mediation cases, especially matrimonial and family disputes has yielded exceptional results as she persuades, encourages our clients to negotiate, and mutually arrive at an acceptable solution for the resolution of their disputes.

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