Adipurush A Mistake

By declaring ‘Adipurush’ a mistake, feelings are harmed; make a documentary on ‘Quran’ with false information and see what happens: Allahabad HC

While directing the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Central Board of Film Certification (CBC) to submit their affidavits in two PIL petitions challenging objections to the dialogues and scenes of the film Adipurush, the Allahabad High Court stated that certifying the film was a mistake and it has hurt the sentiments of the people in general.

Justice Rajesh Singh Chauhan and Shree Prakash Singh, while questioning the mental state of the film’s creators, observed that holy texts such as the Quran and the Bible should not be tampered with and violated in this manner.

The Court also noted that the depiction of Ramayana’s religious characters in the film must have offended the public’s sensibilities. The Court added that it has recently seen several films in which Hindu deities are portrayed humorously.

If we will shut our mouths today then you know what will happen? These incidents are increasing day by day. I saw a movie wherein Lord Shankar was shown running with his Trishul in a very funny manner. Now, these things will be showcased?… The filmmakers earn money as films do business.

Suppose if you make even a short documentary on the Quran, depicting wrong things, then you will see what will happen… However, I may again clarify that it is not about one religion.”

It is by chance that this issue is concerned with Ramayana. Otherwise, Court belongs to all religions.”

The Court clarified that the issue was not about religion but that no religion should be portrayed negatively. While emphasizing that the Court has no religion of its own, the Court stated that its sole concern is maintaining law and order.

Significantly, the Court also clarified that it has not yet issued a ruling on the case’s merits and that its oral observations related to the issue at hand.

But you will see that all these things would be published (in media) by the evening,” the Court quipped.

After an hour-long hearing yesterday, the Court heard the case again today and pondered what the filmmakers of ‘Adipurush’ were thinking when they created this film. The Court emphasised that no one feels this way about Ramayana characters, as depicted by the filmmakers.

Does anyone imagine the religious characters to be in existence in the way they are shown in the movie? The attire worn by the characters in the film, do we imagine our gods to be like this? Ramcharitmanas is a sacred text, people recite it before leaving their homes, and you depict it in such a pathetic way?

The Court also noted that the issue at hand is that all of the revered Ramayana characters have been depicted pitifully. When the Court inquired why the CBC certified such a film, it concluded that the certification was an error.

In response to this, when the Dy. SGI stated that the certificate was issued by a board comprised of sensible members, the Court, in a humorous tone, remarked that if such “sanskari” individuals were approving such a film, they were truly fortunate.

Aap keh rhe hain ki sanskar wale logon ne is movie ko certify kiya hai (referring to board members) jahan Ramayana ke baare mein aisa dikhaya gaya hai to wo log dhanya hai,” the Court said.”

The bench also stated that it questioned several individuals about their opinions of the film and discovered that it was intolerable and that some viewers could not finish it because they could not watch Hindu gods and goddesses depicted in a negative light.

Few individuals were unable to view the entire film. The Court said those who revere Lord Rama, Lord Laxman, and Maa Sita cannot view this film.”


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