Ms. Richi is an enthusiast who believes in innovative methods in the administration of Justice. She joined Legum Baccalaureate (LLB) at IP University Delhi. She could not settle down with graduation as she wanted to make a difference in the legal profession with her scholarly knowledge in Law. She opted for Post-Graduation Masters of Law in Information Technology & Intellectual Property Laws at UPES, Dehradun. Ms Richi holds her credit certification in Cyber Laws from The Indian Law Institute, Delhi.

Upon completing her Masters, Ms. Richi joined the law practice at Delhi District Courts & the High Court at Delhi. She gained tremendous experience in Delhi as the litigation in the NCR region is the most diverse and complex litigation in the Country. Ms. Richi got relief in most of the matters related to divergent areas of litigation. In 2018, she worked as an in-house counsel at a reputed Law Firm, Fox & Mandal, Noida, where Corporate Litigation, Passing Off and Infringement of Trademarks Litigation, Consumer Disputes, and Arbitration Laws enriched the experience of Ms. Richi.

Ms. Richi’s commitment towards gender justice is commendable — the fair and just approach towards both genders distinguishes her from other lawyers in this region. She understands matrimonial disputes as human problems and analyses such issues with seriousness. She frequently gives out of Court Settlement solutions to the clients. She expertises in matrimonial and divorce matters; she has successfully conducted hundreds of cases related to Maintenance Claims, Child Custody matters, crime against women, Domestic Violence, Mediation Meetings, and related cases. She is among the best matrimonial lawyers in Chandigarh & Delhi NCR and delivers a pragmatic solution to marital problems.

Ms. Richi Sharma, Advocate gives legal consultation to many pharmaceutical companies for compliance on regulatory and policy issues, protection or labeling, and legal metrology. She specializes in Intellectual Property (IP) matters — including Patent, Copyright & Trademark Law — it starts with preparing a groundwork right from filing the Patent, Copyright & Trademark to the ligation aspect before the Tribunals or the Appellate Authorities. Ms. Richi has represented reputed companies and firms before Tribunals and its Appellate Authorities in her illustrious career. She also gives consultation related to general commercial & operational litigation faced by pharmaceutical and other companies. Ms. Richi believes in constantly learning & updating herself through all available means. She is the best copyright, trademark, and patent lawyer in Chandigarh, and Delhi NCR. Her legal services in The Law Codes are indispensable.

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