Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev kumar is among our top-notch criminal lawyers. He has acquired special expertise in criminal law, representing clients in criminal trials, regular bails, anticipatory bails, suspension of sentence matters, criminal appeals, and criminal revisions. Sanjeev has an in-depth understanding of the jurisprudence of criminal law and the functioning of the investigation agencies which gives him an edge in courtroom proceedings. His approach of analyzing the peculiar facts of the case, the current legal proposition combined with the latest law, and judgments on the subject matter make him a highly sought counsel in criminal law of our law firm.

Apart from criminal law, Sajeev specializes in Service Law and Education matters. He is a keen student of political science, administrative law, and sociology. Being a true student leader during his college days, he participated in protests and agitations for the rights of the underprivileged that gave him an insight into the aspect of freedom of expression and speech. He is always ready and willing to fight cases for the underprivileged and acts as a strong voice for the cause of justice.

Sanjeev strongly believes that there is a compelling need in every society and system to deal with the aspects related to societal interrelationships. These societal interrelationships are the relationship of a child & his parents, an institution & the state, the communities & the state, and the effective functioning of commerce and trade and it is Law that sets out parameters to regulate the relationships — among the individuals, the individual & the institution, the individual & the state, the communities & the state, the commercial dealings. The law of the land regulates relationships of all kinds to ensure peace & security.

His opinion on the social impact of crimes and also the rights of the undertrials hold immense value and sets up a strong foundation for every case in which he gets engaged. At The Law Codes, he has contributed significantly in getting reliefs in matters relating to cyber crimes and NDPS cases. Being a Senior Associate at the firm, he is regarded as an expert NDPS lawyer among his colleagues.

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