NRI Disputes

In India, families of all socioeconomic backgrounds frequently find themselves in legal difficulties involving property ownership. Understanding your rights and responsibilities within the intricate framework of Indian law that applies to property disputes is a necessary first step. Depending on the specifics of your property’s situation, you may have several rights and remedies. Here are some such cases of NRI Indian property disputes to help you get a better picture:

  • Controversies involving claims made by heirs or co-owners.
  • Easement-related legal disputes.
  • Occupancy or possession of the property by a non-owner, such as a friend, relative, or contractor.
  • A member of the family contesting the validity of the Will in court.
  • Seller fraud due to forged or misleading paperwork.
  • Abuse of a power of attorney issued to a non-resident alien with the intent to commit fraud
  • Partition and family settlement disputes
  • Someone posing as the owner of an NRI property in order to commit financial activities in their name.
  • The above instances can be legally challenged, and the true owner’s legal rights restored, notwithstanding their intricacy.

Keeping in mind the problems faced by our NRI clients and for their tailored needs we have dedicated an entirely separate section to deal and resolve their disputes.

As our foreign clients are sometimes unable to personally visit India, in order to have hassle-free frequent discussions with our clients which are quintessential for preparing their case and availing the right legal remedies, we opt for video consultations with our panel of advocates to get the best legal opinion to resolve their disputes. Making use of innovation and technology for providing legal services to
our NRI clients is our forte and our team of expert lawyers are renowned for dealing with the
cases of foreign clients.





The Law Codes exceeded my expectations with their NRI Disputes Law services. Their team of highly skilled lawyers, led by the brilliant Mr. Sharma, proved to be the best in handling complex NRI disputes. Their expertise and professionalism are unmatched.

Harpreet Kaur, Chandigarh

I had a seamless experience with The Law Codes for my NRI dispute. Their top NRI disputes lawyers, especially Ms. Kapoor, provided exceptional guidance. The team’s efficiency and dedication resolved my case efficiently. Highly recommended!

Nisha Joshi, Gurgaon

The Law Codes stands out for its top-notch NRI Disputes lawyers. Mr. Patel’s expertise and commitment to my case were commendable. The personalized attention I received ensured a favorable outcome. The Law Codes truly excels in navigating the complexities of NRI legal matters.

Rahul Malhotra, Panchkula

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Who are the Best NRI Disputes / Litigation Law Lawyers, and how do I find them?

The Law Codes proudly hosts some of the top NRI Disputes / Litigation Law Lawyers. To find the best legal representation for your case, navigate to our “Lawyers” section, where you can explore the profiles of highly skilled and experienced attorneys specializing in NRI disputes and litigation.

What distinguishes The Law Codes’ NRI Disputes / Litigation Law Lawyers as the top choice?

Our lawyers are carefully selected based on their expertise, successful case history, and commitment to client satisfaction. The Law Codes ensures that only the best NRI disputes and litigation lawyers, known for their dedication and legal acumen, are part of our esteemed team.

How can I schedule a consultation with the Best NRI Disputes / Litigation Law Lawyers from The Law Codes?

Scheduling a consultation is easy. Visit our “Contact” page, fill out the form, and our team will promptly get in touch with you to arrange a consultation with one of our top NRI disputes and litigation law lawyers.

What types of NRI disputes and litigation cases do your lawyers handle?

Our lawyers specialize in a wide range of NRI disputes and litigation cases, including property disputes, family matters, financial disputes, and more. Each attorney at The Law Codes brings a unique set of skills to cater to various legal needs of Non-Resident Indians.

What is the legal process involved in NRI disputes and litigation cases?

The legal process varies based on the nature of the case. Typically, it involves case assessment, legal strategy development, filing necessary documents, court proceedings, and resolution. Our NRI disputes and litigation law lawyers guide clients through each step, keeping them informed and involved.

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