Forensic Law

In general, forensic law involves the participation of forensic scientists in analysing human physical traces that can be used to identify perpetrators during an investigation. Context of Forensic Law: The origin of the word forensics is the Latin term forensic, which means “before the forum.”

The traditional way of Administration of Justice cannot yield desired results in the changing times. Forensic Science is a remarkably effective tool in criminal investigations as it fills the gap left during the Criminal Justice System. Forensic Science equally applies to civil cases but slightly differently, in a way that the court usually allows evidence of Forensic Science at the stage of adducing evidence.

The courts can resolve a wide range of legal problems by applying Forensic Science to cases of civil and criminal nature. Questioned documents examination, DNA profiling, Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Odontology, Computer Forensics, Forensic Accounting are a few examples where science assists the Administration of Justice.

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