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The Law Codes have a team of the most dynamic, passionate, and versatile lawyers in Chandigarh. Our core team’s top lawyers include Sh. Rakesh Sharma, Dr. Rohit Samhotra, Mr. Siddharth, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Mr. Parth, Mr. Manish Sidana & Ms. Richi. All the advocates at The Law Codes are extremely dedicated, hardworking, and well-equipped in the designated areas of practice. Keeping honesty as a virtue, and professional excellence — a motto, it commits us to the cause of Justice.

Our core team of Senior Associates/Lawyers in Chandigarh primarily appear before the Appellate Forums like Supreme Court, High Court, NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal), DRT (Debt Recovery Tribunal), SCDRC (State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission), Arbitration Tribunals. The Law Codes also have a team of associate lawyers in the Chandigarh – region who work under the guidance of seniors and handle all the District Court cases with utmost diligence and competence.

How to Find Best Lawyers in Chandigarh?

This question needs deliberations on the part of the litigants.

By following these steps, you can find the best lawyer in Chandigarh for your case.

  1. Identify needs of your legal matter;
  2. Consult a lawyer who gives you professional, unbiased, & neutral advice that can guide you for a correct legal recourse;
  3. Out of all the references available with you find out a competent lawyer or a law firm who is aligned to your expectations;
  4. Periodically get updates of your case and review the progress of your case.

Consult with the Best Lawyers in Chandigarh

We can give you a consultation in any complex matters. We can also help you hire the best lawyers in Chandigarh for District Courts, High Court & Supreme Court matters. You can go through the profiles of our advocates on our website and figure out if you find them suitable for your legal matters.

Do you want to Hire Top Lawyers in Chandigarh?

There is no straitjacket formula to answer this question. Before finding the answer to the top lawyers in Chandigarh, it is vital to identify the individual needs of a litigant. Usually, litigation starts with a correct remedy in law, drafting effective pleadings, powerful cross-examination, strong arguments on facts and law.

A popular belief demarcates the category of lawyers in different fields like civil or criminal, etc. but the best advocates in India practice in all disciplines of law with equal ease.

One can figure out ways to get references for oneself like the references from people who have contested litigations, online searches, internet portals, visiting local courts, or the higher courts. Litigants are popularly considered as the best sources to identify top advocates in your city.

First, identify the needs involved in litigation and then co-relate it with the sources available, then there are good chances that you can find the best lawyer for your case.

Professional Lawyers — The Law Codes

The Law Codes’ have a team of professional corporate lawyers in Chandigarh, & Delhi who are the mixed baskets of talented lawyers in every field of corporate law like Arbitration Lawyers, Banking lawyers, Industrial Projects & Infrastructure Lawyers, Income Tax Lawyers, GST Lawyers, Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Lawyers, Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyers, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Lawyers, Real Estate Regulatory Authority Lawyers, International Trade Lawyers, International Lawyers, Drugs & Cosmetic Lawyers, The Electricity Tribunal Lawyers, Admiralty & Maritime Lawyers, Space & Aviation Lawyers, Petrol & Nuclear Power Lawyers, Mobile Phones & Telecommunication Lawyers.

The most experienced Civil lawyers handle Civil Law disputes at The Law Codes in Chandigarh. This division handles the disputes in the field of civil law that is handled by reputed Constitutional Lawyers, Civil Lawyers, Matrimonial Lawyers, Land Acquisition and Fair Compensation, Consumer Lawyers, Education Lawyers, Administrative Lawyers, Family Lawyers, Labour Court Lawyers, Sports & Media Lawyers, Human Rights Lawyers, Immigration Lawyers, Indian Stamp Act Lawyers, Senior Citizens Lawyers, Armed Forces Tribunal Lawyers, and Rent & Tenancy Lawyers.

At, The Law Codes, we have a dedicated team of Intellectual Property lawyers in Chandigarh dealing with the registration process of Intellectual Property — Trademark, Copyright, and Patent. The Law Codes team has the most respected trademark, copyright & patent lawyers in Chandigarh. Our lawyers are highly qualified, committed, and competent to deal with Intellectual Property in the registration process and the litigation aspect of it.

The Law Codes have professional Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh, who frequently represented many complex criminal matters. Our expert team consists of lawyers for the Prevention of Corruption Act cases, Advocates for Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses matters, Lawyers for Juvenile Justice Act disputes, Advocates for SC/ST Act cases, Lawyers for Crime Against Women, Advocates for Prison & Custody matters (Parole, Furlough, Pardon, & Mercy Petitions), Lawyers for Contempt of Court cases, Advocates for Arms Act disputes, Lawyers for Sexual harassment cases, and Advocates for Information Technology and Cybercrime matters & Lawyers for Passport Act disputes.

FAQs on Lawyers

Why should I hire a lawyer near me?

You should hire a lawyer near you because your lawyer will be at ease while dealing with the matter and to have physical meetings as and when needed. You can also visit your lawyer’s office and sign the documents or supply him with the documentary evidence needed in the case.

How much a lawyer in Chandigarh charges?

The legal fee of a lawyer in Chandigarh depends upon his caliber, skills, knowledge, standing at the bar, intellect, competence, and complexity of the case. The wining track record of complex cases is also directly proportional to the fee of the lawyer or advocate.

Can I hire a lawyer from a different state?

Yes, you can hire a lawyer from a different state if you think that he is best suited for your case and also understands the procedure of courts in your state. The competent can easily read the relevant provisions of law operating in any state.

What are the fee structure and billing procedures?

Every lawyer has a fees structure depending upon his standing at the bar and the complexity of a case. It is always advisable to clarify the fee structure before hiring a lawyer. Lawyers charge their complete fee in advance and there are charges per appearance depending upon the region of law practice.

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